How to Draw Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a story character for Christmas, which is a jolly red-suite man who goes to every child’s house to drops off toys for free and joy for those children who are nice through out the year. They say that Santa Claus has a “Nauty & Nice List” which he uses to find all the nice children. The nauty kids get coal and the nice get presents. When he approaches a house to drop off a present or coal, Santa Claus would ether go down the chimini or door. Santa Claus will now place a Christmas Present underneath a Christmas Tree, or if not, he will place the presents in these Christmas socks called Stockens. Some parents act like Santa Claus by waiting till Christmas Eve to tell there children “Go to bed. Santa Claus is coming to drop off your presents” (I think that is pretty realistic for them, but come on, we “kids” aren’t stupid). If you want, you can share this article to others if you want. So let’s learn how to draw Santa Claus, the big man in the red suite. I think you’ll enjoy this tutorial so much. Christmas is near and you probably want to learn how to draw Santa so you can draw Santa on a Christmas card and give it to a family member or friend. I draw Santa for my family member in Christmas. Okay, to start, I would love to share a video from YouTube that teaches you how to draw Santa Claus. Enjoy the video! If you find it interesting, leave a comment. If you want anymore tips and tutorials for this tutorial, please leave a comment.